Anne-Lorraine Bahi

yk072176 Anne-Lorraine Bahi began her dance training at Aix-en-Provence Conservatory, in the south of France.

Ballet dancer by training, she was introduced to modern by Laurence Ciccarelli after High School

After completing her Ph.D. in Mathematics and her minor in dance, she moved to West Africa to follow her passion for dance as a dance instructor for  children and adults and as a choreographer for shows in vacation resorts.

Back to France, she actively participated in many shows and dance events as a choreographer and dancer, while working as a Head Hunter for High Tech companies.

Since moving to the Bay Area fifteen years ago, she has been teaching children and adults, choreographing and performing in national and international events.

In addition to teaching, Anne-Lorraine was co-founder, co-director and choreographer of the Bacigahi Dance Company, which performed at dance festivals in the Bay Area and in France.

Her teaching experience includes jazz, modern, ballet, Hip Hop, tap and aerobics. Her training includes workshops and master classes with Carl Portal, Vincent Ansard, Bruno Agati, Anne-René Petrarca, Robert Moses.

Following her first dream of having her very own dance company, Anne-Lorraine has developed her own distinctive modern style and has been Harmony Performing Company’s director since 2001. Her company performs mostly as a guest company in dance events or concerts in the bay area, such as Ariel Dance Productions, Romanesque Dance Company, Rodolphe Cassand Ballet, Wicked,….

In June 2004, Anne-Lorraine Bahi took over Carol’s Petersen School of Ballet. She added to the program Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet and Fitness. Ever Since, Anne-Lorraine has been offering excellent quality dance class, focusing on technique while having fun. She is producing every year a winter showcase and a spring recital highlighting Harmony Dance students’ work and Harmony Dance Company repertoire.