Classes Description


Creative Move (Age 2-3)

This class is a fun introduction to dance specially geared toward our youngest dancer.  This class will develop coordination, balance, sense of rhythm and love for dance in a fun and creative learning atmosphere. It will also develop through dance and music socialization skills such as following directions or taking turns. This class will introduce basic dance moves and dance terminology while inspiring creativity.


Combo (Age 3-5)

This class encourage dancers to develop a love of dance through basics steps of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.. This energetic class will have your dancer learning basic dance and motor skills in a structured class ro reach curriculum goals.


Hip Hop Motion (Age 3-5)

This class is a fun-filled combination class of Jazz and fitness . Your child will learn the basics of Jazz in a medium to fast paced environment. Students will have a lot of fun developing coordination and rhythm in a structured environment. This class is perfect for very energetic dancers.



This class combines contemporary moves inspired by different techniques as Graham, Aley or Limon. Harmony Dance center has developed throughout the years its very own modern style and technique. Students will be exposed to ballet oriented center barre work and will learn modern routine with floor work.



This class is a energizing dance class. Students will learn the basic moves of dance in a center barre work with synchronized moves to a jazzy beat.


Hip Hop

This class is an electrifying dance class. Students will learn theory and practice of simple to complex synchronized moves to a funky beat.