Danielle Musumeci

image Danielle started tap and ballet dance lessons at age 2 taught by her mom in the garage of their home. She moved onto a local community recreation center for Gymnastics, Tap and Jazz classes. She continued her acrobatic, tap and jazz training at Dunn’s Dance Academy for 5 years, she moved onto Dance Attack to continue on with her tap, jazz and lyrical dance training, and was then introduced to modern dance. She continues to take classes at Dance Attack as well as continues her modern dance training with Harmony Dance Center, where her dance career continues.

In high school, Danielle joined her high school color guard, which incorporated dance movements with flags, rifles, and sabers. She continued color guard in college for 3 years, and choreographed for Independence High School color guard for 6 years.

A 2002 Civil Engineer graduate and 2004 Engineering Management Master’s graduate from Santa Clara University, Danielle joined Harmony Dance Company as a member in 2002. Danielle has been co-director of the Company since January 2006. She’s also the Harmony Dance Team Competition Director since September 2006.