Please note that competition and award might run up to an hour early. Plan on being one hour prior to competition time at the competition venue.
Competition Venue
San Jose Center For Performing Arts
255 Almaden Blvd. – San Jose, CA 95113
San Jose, CA
Group Competing

  • Clara
  • Emilie (lyrical)
  • Iris
  • Serena
  • Tamara
Schedule of the Week-end
Friday March 13th 
  • 12:52pm: Call time @ venue for Serena
  • 1:52pm: Serena competes
  • 4:26pm: Awards for Serena
Saturday March 14th  
  • 7:00am: Call time @ venue for Emilie
  • 7:30am: Call time @ venue for  Iris, Clara
  • 7:45am: Emilie competes 
  • 8:09am: Call time @ venue for Tamara
  • 8:36am: Iris competes
  • 8:39am: Clara competes
  • 9:09am: Tamara competes 
  • 9:12am: Awards for Emilie, Iris, Clara, Tamara
  • Regular classes at the studio afterwards