HDC students are invited to participate in 2 performances a year. Our Winter Showcase in December and Our End of the Year Recital in June.

Since dance is a performing art, we encourage our students to take this opportunity to perform. It is an important event for the students and for their training. It provides a great opportunity for students to showcase the skills and choreography they have been working on It also helps them build self-confidence.

There is additional fees attached to those performances.


  Winter Showcase June Recital
Performance Fee $10 $25-$35
Costume Fee $25 – Rental $45 – $85 – Purchase
Tickets $15 – $20 $25 – $30
Costume Handling & Shipping $0 $10 – $25


  • Performance Fee: This non-refundable fee helps us cover part of our recital expenses. It will automatically be added to your February Tuition.
  • Costume: Students will need a costume for each class in which they are enrolled.
  • Ticket: Audience will need to purchase tickets to attend that event. Early Bird Discount Available. No children rate available. Lap stiing for children under 2 available – A MINIMUM OF 4 TICKETS MIGHT BE REQUIRED for the June Recital

Important Note: These events are optional. Students who do not wish to perform are of course welcome to come to their weekly classes as usual until the end of the season

More information will be available at the studio in September ( Winter Showcase) and January (June Recital)