Location Information
Santa ClaraConvention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy.
Santa Clara, CA 95054


Show Date:
Saturday, February 7th, 2015  4:10pm – 4:40pm
Arrival time: 3:25pm
Please, make sure to plan enough time to park and walk to the room (as the venue is huge and may be crowded).



  • Jai-Ho (PC All) 

Girls: Color tank top, black short + Color pants (will be handed out on Saturday morning) + scarves (will be handed out at the venue) + whatever shoes they wore before (jazz shoes, converse, bare feet)
Boys: t-shirt + Color pants + jackets (will be handed out on Saturday morning) +  converse + scarves (will be handed out at the venue)


  • Kodo (PC Jazz)

Color Sarong (will be handed out on Saturday morning) + White top (if arrived) or Black tank top + tan tights + tan jazz shoes 


  • PC Hip Hop

Girls: Black tank top, black short + blue cheetah top + converse
Boys: Black pants + Color t-shirt + converse


  • Hip-Hop Team 

Girls: Color tank top + Black tank top + black shorts + converse
Boys: Black pants + Color t-shirt + converse


  • Adult Company 

African costumes


Performance Order (subject to change):
Hip-Hop Team
Inchallah (audience participation)
PC Hip-Hop
Tarkan (audience participation)


Important notes:
– the parking and the venue are very big, so plan accordingly.
– When you arrive at the event (Travel & Adventure Show), please check in at the entrance booth and say that you are a performer. They will give you pass to enter for free (parents and family also).
– We unfortunately don’t know where the stage will be situated in the venue. If you need directions, we are performing at the Global Beats Stage.

– Some of us will leave from the studio (after Hip-Hop Team practice), so if you want to meet us at the studio, please let us know so we can wait for you.


Parking & Entrance: FREE – Only for dance groups and their rides to the event. All your guests get in for FREE at the admission booth, but they have to pay for their own parking. ** All you need to have all your dancers and guests say at the Admissions booth is that they are part of the “Global Beats Stage” and they get in for FREE!

Invite all your family and friends in the Santa Clara Area to join you at the Travel and Adventure Show for FREESimply tell them to say they are with the Global Beats Stage at the registration area (where you buy tickets) and they will get FREE passes to come in the show.

Performer Check-in When you arrive at the convention center go directly to the Travel & Adventure Show Exhibitor Registration

Counter located just inside the main building entrance. Once inside the exhibit hall you should head directly to the Global Beats Stage and report in to Sattie Persaud at the World Heritage Cultural Center table located at the stage. Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time on the stage. Give any music CDs to Sattie for your performance, who will introduce you to the Sound Tech that takes care of the music.

Changing Area

There will be a simple, draped off area located directly behind the Global Beats Stage where you can change or wait for your scheduled performance. This is not set up as a lounge or ‘green room’, rather just a draped off Area inside the exhibit hall. Keep in mind also that this is not a secure or guarded area and you should take care when leaving your belongings or valuables. It would be best to leave them with a colleague while you are performing. There are also public rest rooms and water fountains available inside the exhibit hall.