NO REFUND for any prepaid class – NO Exception

  Discount Tuition * Regular Tuition**
1/2 hour class $93 / month $103 / month
3/4 hour class $98 / month $108 / month
1 hour class $103 / month $113 / month
1 1/4 hour class $119 / month $129 / month
1 1/2 hour class $129 / month $139 / month

* Payment received by the 1st of the month

** For students enrolled until the end of the current season 

All fees are subject to changes.


Our 4-week trial session is available to New Students ONLY from October through April.
This entitles to taking 4 classes within 6 weeks (classes can be the same once a week, classes can be different once a week or within the same week) without registration fee or cancellation fee.
No refund will be given due to cancellation during the 4 weeks period. No exception.

  4-Week Trial Tuition
1/2 hour class $93 / month
3/4 hour class $98 / month
1 hour class $113 / month
1 1/4 hour class $129 / month
1 1/2 hour class $139 / month


REgistration Fee

A  non refundable yearly registration fee is due each year for any student enrolling in our program. This fee is due in September or when students are joining Harmony Dance Center program.

Registration Fee for new families:
$65 for one student
$105 for two students
$145 for three students and up

OR $10/month for the remaining month until end of season ( August)

Registration Fee for returning families*:
$60 for one student
$100 for two students
$120 for three students and up

At least one member of the family was enrolled in at least one class for the 2018/2019 season for at least 4 months and through June 2018.

Harmony Dance center holds 2 recitals ( December Wintershowcase and June End of the Year Recital).
Those events are optional and there is a participation fee.

However, it is a great opportunity for students to showcase the skills and choreography they have been working on. Participation also requires students to purchase a costume for each class in which they are enrolled.

  Winter Showcase June Recital
Performance Fee $12 – $20 $25 – $35
Costume Fee $25 – $30 (Rental) $45 – $85 – (Purchase)
Tickets $15 – $22 $25 – $35
Costume Handling & Shipping $0 $10 – $25
Late pick up FEE

If you are early or late for whatever reason a charge will be issued. An early/late pick up fee will be payable to the instructor at time of drop off/pick up. A “no exceptions policy”makes it easier for us to apply the late policy to everyone consistently and fairly. We do not want any parent to receive special treatment or favors whereas other parents may not.
Harmony Dance Center LLC policy is as follows: $5 early/late base charge plus $2 for each minute early/late per family after the first 15 minutes. Payment must be made at time of drop off/pick up.


Harmony Dance Center offers complimentary pick up for all morning classes and for all 3:45PM classes for the following school: FASSV, EH and DELor. For schedule conflict due to holiday or school events at EH or DeLor, time and day for the class might change from time to time without notice. For students able to attend classes, tuition will be due as usual. For students unable to attend, make up classes will be scheduled in a similar age group.

Pick up and drop off for all other classes will be charged an additional $2 per drop off or pick up.


Customers are responsible for making timely payments of their balances due on their Harmony Dance Center account.

We offer discount tuition for payment received by the first of the month.

If a payment is not received on or before the 1st of the month, the regular tuition will be applied to the student’s account.

If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, Harmony Dance Center has the customer’s authorization to initiate electronic payments for any balances due on the account PLUS an administrative late fee ( 10% of the outstanding balance).

Payments will be processed with the payment method/information shown in the customer’s file.

If for any reason, a payment(s) cannot be processed with the information on the customer’s file and the account balance remains overdue by the 10th of the month, the student will not be able to attend classes until payment is made, and no makeup classes will be available for classes missed due to non-payment.

Tuition for Classes with less than 3 students will be updated ( up to 10% increase)

Our morning classes are part of our ongoing program. A 4-week written notice is required for any withdrawal.

Our afternoon and evening classes are scheduled for the academic year from September until June.

Our tuition is based on a yearly tuition divided into installments for our customers’ convenience for any dancer registered until the end of the season.

Any dancer giving notice before the end of the season will have the tuition updated with the short-term rate.

No additional charges will incur for the months with extra class days. Conversely, credit or makeup class will not be given for the months with fewer class days due to short month or holidays.

Tuition does NOT include recital fees or competition fees.

Harmony Dance Center offers discounts for students taking multiple classes ( minimum 3 classes / week/student for a total numbers of hours equal to minimum 3 excluding competition classes). Ask the front desk for further details. Discount will only be applicable the day after the request.